In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, federal authorities as well as the American and Missouri Dental Associations have recommended all dental offices limit treatment to emergencies and urgent care for the next three weeks. In compliance with this directive, we will limit our operations to the above conditions beginning Monday March 23 and will resume normal scheduling Monday April 13.

We will be available to see dental emergencies arising in our community during this time. If you need to be seen as an emergency, please call 573-774-6101 Monday through Thursday between 9 am and noon to be added to the schedule. Please do not come without calling first.

What to expect:
---Patients will be rescheduled if they have experienced fever or cold/flu symptoms within the past 48 hours until cleared by a physician. Patients who have traveled outside the state within the past two weeks also may be asked to reschedule.

---Except for minors or patients with special needs, patients must come to the office unaccompanied.

---When a patient arrive for treatment, they will immediately be escorted to one of our 10 individual treatment rooms for evaluation. All paperwork will be shuttled to and from the patient by our staff. This allows the patient to be seated in a clean, sanitized room for the duration of their visit.

---We are 100% compliant with OSHA's sterilization and blood-borne pathogen guidelines. This level of disinfection and sterilization easily covers COVID-19 as well as all other known pathogens. In addition to this already existing standard of cleanliness, all high touch area are routinely disinfected throughout the workday.